Sunday, April 1, 2007

Retro night!

We had book club this am and we discussed the Friday Night Knitting Club. Most of the group really liked it and a few didn't. We had a brunch and it was fun. I had a couple of mimosas, yummmmmmmmmm! I will post the next book that we are reading. This month's book is Cyndi's suggestion. So, we decided that we will blame her if it goes awry! Heidi, we went to Barnes and Noble after the meeting and the book you suggested was on the best sellers section of the store so we had a laugh. It will probably win book of the year and then you will be the one laughing! The girls are all so fun and it is always a good time.

I thought maybe I would post a picture of the dorm we stayed in on Friday just to give you all the full effect. I think everyone should have retro night and go back to the past and relive those college days!

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