Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rock Stars

So, I just have to post about what a great night I had last night. My dear friend, Katie, bought three tickets to see Snow Patrol last year sometime. I didn't know if I was going to get to go becuase I didn't know if we would be going home for Easter or not. We decided not to travel over Easter as we both have a very busy month and needed the rest. So, this meant that I got to use Katie's third Snow Patrol ticket for the sold out show in Minneapolis last night. She gave it to me for a birthday gift. Katie, Abby (Katie's 12 year old daughter) and I embarked on an evening of fun, food, drinks (for Katie and I that is), and some great music. I don't think any of us knew what to expect from Snow Patrol. We didn't really know much about the opening bands or Snow Patrol for that matter. They were all class acts.

Silversun Pickups was the first band that went on. They really rocked the house. We were impressed that the first band was that good. Then, Okgo went on and they were fabulous. Obviously, as Katie put it, they are on the cusp of a great music career. Then it was time for the big guns: Snow Patrol!! We were all three smitten, I must admit. Wow, are these guys sensitive, charming, and professional.

There was one point in the show during a song that requires female vocals, when the band invited a girl from the audience to come up and sing with them IF(and that was a big if) she knew the words. These glammed up 20-year-old twins get on the stage and and he asks them like three times if they know the words. They say yes and once the song starts it must have become clear to the lead singer that the girls were not going to do much more than provide some eye candy for the audience. He stops the song and says they will go on with the song, but not with these girls and he asks them to leave the stage. I had to say I liked them even more at that moment because they obviously have great respect for their own music and were not going to let anyone bring the quality down. So, eventually a girl from one of the other bands came out and sang. She saved the day.

This band (orginally from Ireland) made me really want to go to Ireland some day. Katie (who has mostly Irish heritage) was just there last May with her mom, dad, and sister. Lucky! It made me think that she and I will have to go someday. I would recommend this show to anyone out there who appreciates good singer songwriter bands from the UK or anywhere for that matter. I'm hooked!

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