Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sketch challenge 120

Wow! My first card in over a week! I have had a variety of things blocking my creativity. For those of you who read previous posts ' where I was obviously stamping instead of studying, you will be sad to know that all that caught up to me! I went to class last weekend and found out what happens when you are too distracted by stamping to REALLY read the syllabus.

I have spent the last week trying to catch up with all the reading I wasn't doing. Then, I got a cold and so was trying to catch up while not feeling the best. So, tonight, I decided, that I missed my stamp room and my blog and decided to use my simply scrappin' kit I have been dying to tear into. Can anyone else relate to how hard it is to use some of these pieces in the kits. This one in particular is retired and I know that I will never have one again. That is alot of pressure to put the things in the right place. Given that they are sticky you can only move them so many times before they start to look bent. Please someone tell me I am not the only crazy person who goes through this!

I was feeling especially sorry for myself when I saw how fun the sketch challenge looked this week! I really really really liked it and wanted to try it out. I am not too thrilled with my effort, but that is nothing new for me. I decided I would post it anyway. You are probably starting to sense a theme with my cards. Flowers, color, color, and flowers! That is about it for me. There isn't much I like more than some pastely colors and some flowers and if they can be pastely flowers I am REALLY happy. My husband will certainly attest to that. Our house is affectionately (I think) referred to as the Easter basket. We are in the process of redecorating and I will reluctantly let go of the pastels and flowers I have had for the last five years. It is time for some equity in our house and I have agreed to adopt a less Eastery color pallet. (Has anyone else who blogs ever wished blogger came with spell check?) I don't even know how to spell pallet.....well, according to Merriam-Webster (which I don't know how to spell either) it is really spelled palette.

Well, after all that babble I will finally post the card.


Melissa said...

I have this kit but haven't done anything with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Miranda said...

You mean like a Simply Sent kit or a stamp set? I have never experimented with the Simply Sent kits... I'm too much of a chicken!!! Maybe I'll have to try it with my new one! (nothing too drastic, of course!!!)