Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where'd my mojo go?

It is the strangest thing: All I have been waiting for is for the schoolwork to pass so could could
stamp until my heart is content, but now that the work is done I seem to have a mental block. I don't get it! I have all these new toys from the preview order and then others I have been rchasing to play with, but there they sit, all by themselves, wishing someone would take them out to play.

I have a swap I need to make two designs for and I think I get intimidated when I have to do that. It is silly, really. I also have a class coming up that I need to prepare for and I am nervous for that too. It could be those things blocking me or it could be simply no knowing to do without this enormous weight temporarily off my shoulders.

I am also planning on overhauling the stamp room this summer. I am getting some special cabinets for stamp storage and painting and hanging shelves. That will be a project I will work on all summer. Another possible reason for the block is that my stamp room is a total mess and I am starting to run out of places to put things. Makes me feel scattered. Anyway, any suggestions for ways to get back my mojo would be greatly appreciated!

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