Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Wedding Day

Since our 6th wedding anniversary is coming around the corner and we will be on vacation at that time I thought I would post a picture from our wedding day and tell a little bit about it. We decided to quasi-elope for our wedding. We got married on the beach in Lake Tahoe and what a great decision that was! We had eleven guests and most of our guests stayed with us in a house there. We had a great time making meals together and getting the wedding preparations done together. The only snafu was that I broke my toe the morning of the ceremony but it didn't interrupt the fun too much. We had our reception on a dinner boat. That was as great time too!

There was very little stress involved in getting married on the beach with eleven guests. Another great decision I made was marrying Matt! He is really the best partner I could ask for! Here's to another six great years!


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Shannon K said...

Hope you have a great anniversary! The picture is beautiful!!

Cheri said...

Melissa....congrats to both of you. You are a great match for each other and are an inspiration to other married couples. Thanks for plugging The Five Love Languages....I too believe it is a definite "must read".

Shall we do lunch or coffee when you come back?