Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Special Delivery

I should probably pace myself with this kit so I don't get burned out, but that is not the way I roll! That is for sure. I am just having so much fun! I think the best thing about the "in" colors is to see how they mix with the current colors. It really revitalizes what you already have at minimum expense!

I am really happy right now because my husband has completed hanging my new shelving and ribbon holder. He is now hanging up my stamp pad racks and such. I am going to be in 7th heaven in the stamp room. I have really tackled the organization of the room this summer and it has been worth the effort. Everything is much easier to grab and less trips back and forth to the closet. I will post pictures when it is more presentable!
We will be going to our city's block party tonight and seeing Sister Hazel. Remember them? I was a big fan in the nineties!
I will be fun to get out with our friends and enjoy a few cocktails. Tomorrow I will have to do some cleaning around the house. I have put it off for long enough!


Melissa said...

I love baby cards - fabulous job Melissa!

Miranda said...

Say, its getting to that time of year again. We talked about me maybe coming over late this month or early in August? I have to be home on August 5th in the afternoon and school starts August 20th. I was just wondering if you had thought it over? And if I did get to go, how would I get there? Would you guys pick me up again?? I would sure love to see your improved stamping room!!!

Libby Hickson aka stampinlibby said...

I love what you've done with this kit - but I especially love that second card above, where you spelled out baby - too cute!!! I may have to order this kit now. :-)