Thursday, July 12, 2007

I got tagged!

I got tagged twice by two different bloggers and I was just thrilled. I haven't had time to post my responses to 7 random things about myself. I was tagged by Lynda Benden at Stampact and also by Ida. I am having some technical difficulties with my blog lately and I am not sure of the name of Ida's blog right now. Drop me a note, Ida, if you can. I am having trouble viewing my comments and it is making me CRAZY! If anyone knows how to deal with this problem PLEASE HELP the technologically challenged.

Okay, back to being TAGGED! Seven random things about me, hmmmmmmmmm.................this could be scary!

1) I went back to school at the age of 29 to pursue my dream of becoming a therapist for individuals and families dealing with emotional and mental health challenges. I am half way
through and so excited to finish school and move on to working at this job I am so excited to do.

2) I grew up in South Dakota and moved away to go to college when I was eighteen. After college hopping for a few years I ended up at Arizona State University where I got my undergrad degree and also met my husband there shortly after I graduated from school. He grew up only about 2.5 hours from where I grew up and we found each other hundreds of miles from where we grew up! After dating for a year or so we moved back to the Midwest together to get back to our roots and have been in Minnesota ever since!

3). I love coffee!!!!!! Always have and probably always will!

4). As is evidenced by this lengthy post, I have the gift of gab! I have rarely met anyone who can go toe to toe with me on this gift. I can out talk just about anyone. This gift began showing itself when I was ten months old and it never stopped!

5). I also love to read as some of you may be able to tell by the books I post on my blog. I started a book club in my home town a couple of years ago.

6) I have never been tagged before now!

7) Before a couple of months ago and I had always cased cards I found on Splitcoast and NEVER designed my own. I was totally intimidated! On a whim I decided to start a blog and figured I had better get over my fear of designing real quick if the blog was going to work out. Now I have started leading classes to share my love of stamping!

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Ida said...

So glad you decided to play the tag game. I enjoyed reading your 7 things. Ida